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All services are performed by supervised students. Your student skincare specialist will consult with you to determine which treatment best suits your needs at the time of service. To ensure your satisfaction, please discuss pricing and available options at the time of your consultation.

* Prices are subject to change


Nail Services

Manicure $20.00 +
Indulge in a pampering session for your hands with our classic manicure. Relax as your nails are shaped, cuticles are cared for, and your hands are massaged. Finish with the polish of your choice for a polished and elegant look
UV Manicure $30.00 +
Experience the next level of nail care with our UV manicure. Enjoy the benefits of a classic manicure enhanced by the UVcuring process, ensuring a longer-lasting and chip-resistant finish for your nails.
Pedicure $30.00 +
Treat your feet to a luxurious pedicure that includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, and a soothing foot massage. Complete the experience with the perfect polish to leave your toes looking and feeling fabulous.
UV Pedicure $40.00 +
Elevate your pedicure experience with our UV pedicure. Enjoy the same relaxing foot care as our classic pedicure, but with the added benefit of UV-cured polish for a durable and stunning finish.
Mini Manicure (Children under 12) $15.00 +
Treat your little ones to a delightful mini manicure experience designed just for them. Our gentle nail technicians will shape and groom their nails with care, creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. With a splash of vibrant, kid-friendly polish, their tiny hands will be ready to shine!
Mini Pedicure (Children under 12) $20.00 +
Pamper your child's little feet with our mini pedicure, specially crafted for kids under 12. Our skilled technicians will provide a gentle foot soak, shaping of the nails, and a relaxing foot massage. Finish with a playful polish color of their choice for adorable toes that will leave them feeling pampered and happy.
Spa Manicure $30.00 +
Immerse yourself in the ultimate hand care experience with our spa manicure. Enjoy an extended massage, exfoliation, and a deeply nourishing treatment, leaving your hands and nails revitalized and radiant.
Spa Pedicure $40.00 +
Step into luxury with our spa pedicure. Relax as your feet are treated to an extended pampering session, including exfoliation, a revitalizing mask, and a soothing massage. Complete with the perfect polish for a truly indulgent experience.
Polish Change $15.00 +
Quick and effective, our polish change service is perfect for those times when you crave a fresh look without the full manicure or pedicure treatment.
UV Polish Change $20.00 +
Upgrade your polish change with UVcured polish for added durability and a longer-lasting shine. A quick and efficient way to refresh your look.
UV Polish Removal $10.00
Safely remove UV-cured polish with our gentle UV polish removal service. Ensure a clean slate for your next nail adventure without compromising the health of your nails.
Acrylic Full Set $40.00 +
Transform your nails with our acrylic full set service. Achieve the length and strength you desire with expertly applied acrylic nails, finished with your choice of polish.
Acrylic Fill $30.00 +
Maintain the beauty of your acrylic nails with our acrylic fill service. Address any growth gaps and keep your nails looking flawless and perfectly shaped.
Gel Full Set $45.00 +
Opt for a glossy and durable finish with our gel full set. Experience the stunning beauty of gel nails, expertly applied and customized to your desired shape and length.
Gel Fill $35.00 +
Keep your gel nails looking pristine with our gel fill service. Address any growth and maintain the longevity of your gel manicure for enduring beauty.
Paraffin Treatment $10.00
Treat your hands or feet to the ultimate in hydration and softness with our paraffin treatment. Experience the luxurious warmth of paraffin wax, leaving your skin deeply moisturized and smooth.


Arm Sugar/Wax $25.00
Unveil smooth and silky arms with our arm sugar/waxing treatment. Our skilled technicians use a gentle yet effective sugar/wax formula to remove unwanted hair, leaving your arms feeling soft and beautifully hair-free.
Back Sugar/Wax $30.00
Experience the luxury of a smooth back with our back sugar/waxing service. Our skilled students use a gentle approach to remove unwanted hair, ensuring a sleek and confident feel.
Bikini Sugar $20.00
Get ready for beach days with our bikini sugar treatment. Delicately remove unwanted hair from the bikini area, leaving you with a clean and comfortable result.
Brazilian Sugar/Wax $40.00
Indulge in the ultimate in intimate grooming with our Brazilian sugar/waxing service. Our skilled technicians use a gentle touch to leave you feeling confident and smooth.
Brow Sugar/Wax $10.00
Frame your face with perfectly groomed brows using our brow sugar/waxing service. Our technicians sculpt and shape your brows to enhance your natural beauty.
Cheek Sugar/Wax $10.00
Achieve a flawless complexion with our cheek sugar/waxing service. Remove unwanted facial hair gently, leaving your cheeks smooth and radiant.
Chest Sugar/Wax $30.00
Unveil a smooth chest with our chest sugar/waxing treatment. Our gentle approach ensures a clean and confident look, leaving you feeling refreshed.
Chin Sugar/Wax $10.00
Say goodbye to unwanted chin hair with our chin sugar/waxing service. Our skilled technicians use a gentle touch to leave your chin smooth and hair-free.
Foot/Toe Sugar/Wax $10.00
Show off your perfectly pedicured feet with our foot/toe sugar/waxing treatment. Our skilled students gently remove unwanted hair, leaving your feet and toes looking and feeling beautiful
Full Face Sugar/Wax $25.00
Embrace a flawless complexion with our full-face sugar/waxing service. Our technicians delicately remove unwanted facial hair, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.
Full Leg/Bikini Sugar/Wax $50.00
Achieve all-over smoothness with our full leg and bikini sugar/waxing treatment. Our skilled students use a gentle approach for hair removal, ensuring a sleek and confident feel.
Full Leg Sugar/Wax $35.00
Unveil silky, smooth legs with our full leg sugar/waxing service. Our gentle technique leaves your legs feeling soft and beautifully hair-free.
Half Leg Sugar/Wax $25.00
Enjoy the convenience of half-leg hair removal with our sugar/waxing service. Our skilled technicians use a gentle approach for sleek and smooth results.
Under Arm Sugar/Wax $20.00
Experience the freedom of bare underarms with our underarm sugar/waxing treatment. Our skilled students use a gentle technique for effective hair removal, leaving you feeling confident.
Upper Lip Sugar/Wax $10.00
Say goodbye to unwanted upper lip hair with our upper lip sugar/waxing service. Our skilled technicians use a gentle touch to leave your upper lip smooth and hairfree.

Facial/Body Treatments

Basic Facial $35.00
Treat your skin to a rejuvenating experience with our Basic Facial. Tailored to your skin type, this facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a nourishing mask. Let our skilled estheticians enhance your natural glow and leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Advance Facial $50.00
Elevate your skincare routine with our Advanced Facial. Experience a personalized treatment that may include specialized serums, advanced techniques, and targeted therapies. Reveal a radiant complexion as our expert estheticians address your unique skincare needs.
Back Facial $40.00
Indulge in a soothing Back Facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the often-neglected skin on your back. Our skilled therapists will leave your back feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Facial Massage $20.00
Immerse yourself in tranquility with our Facial Massage. This soothing experience combines expert massage techniques with nourishing skincare products to enhance circulation and leave your skin feeling lifted and refreshed.
Brow/Lash Tint $10.00
Enjoy weeks of beautifully tinted brows and lashes that gradually fade naturally. The longevity of the results varies based on individual factors, allowing you to maintain a refined look effortlessly
Make-up Application $30.00
Treat yourself to the ultimate beauty indulgence with our Makeup Application service. Perfect for weddings, parties, or any day you want to feel extra special. Step into our beauty haven and leave with a flawless, radiant look that reflects the beauty within.


ABC Treatment $40.00
Revitalize your hair with our exclusive ABC Treatment, designed to nourish, strengthen, and add a lustrous shine. This treatment combines essential nutrients to leave your hair looking and feeling its best. Followed by a professional blow dry.
Basic Treatment $20.00
Elevate your haircare routine with our Basic Treatment, which includes a refreshing cleanse, conditioning, and a customized treatment, all followed by a sleek Blow Dry for a polished finish.
Gloss Treatment $40.00
Experience a transformative Gloss Treatment that deeply conditions and rejuvenates your hair while infusing it with intense, molecular-level shine. This treatment is designed specifically for color-treated hair to enhance vibrancy and protect against fading. You'll leave the salon with hair that feels smooth, healthy, and radiant. The service also includes a blow-dry for a polished finish
Basic Perm Wrap $45.00 +
Transform your look with our Basic Perm Wrap, expertly styled with a Blow Dry to showcase your newly defined waves or curls. Effortlessly chic and ready to impress.
Extra Perm Solution $15.00
Specialty Perm $60.00 +
Personalize your curl experience with our Specialty Perm, complemented by a Blow Dry for a stylish and unique look. Our skilled stylists will create the perfect curls to suit your taste.
Color Application $40.00 +
Add vibrancy to your hair with our professional Color Application service professionally styled with a Blow Dry. Choose from a wide range of hues and shades, expertly applied for a stunning and personalized result.
Color Correction $150.00 +
Correct and enhance your hair color with our Color Correction service. Our skilled colorists will work to achieve the perfect tone, ensuring a flawless and refreshed appearance. Followed by a professional Blow Dry.
Balayage $65.00 +
Embrace the sun-kissed beauty of Balayage, artistically styled with a Blow Dry for a seamless and effortlessly chic finish. Leave our salon with radiant, natural-looking highlights.
Partial Highlights $30.00 +
Illuminate specific sections of your hair with our Partial Highlights service, beautifully styled with a Blow Dry. Enjoy a dimensional and polished look that turns heads.
Full Highlight $55.00 +
Illuminate your entire mane with our Full Highlight service, professionally styled with a Blow Dry. Achieve a radiant and multidimensional look that lasts.
Additional Mixtures of Color $15.00
Fashion Color Application $20.00 +
Intensify your hair color with our Staino Application, accompanied by a Blow Dry for a polished result. Add richness and depth without the commitment of permanent color.
Hair Cut $20.00
Experience a precision Hair Cut, finished with a professional Blow Dry for a sleek and polished appearance. Trust our skilled stylists to enhance your features with a classic cut.
Hair Cut with Blow Dry & Style $25.00
Elevate your Hair Cut experience with a Blow Dry and stylish finish. Walk out with a refreshed and uniquely styled look that showcases your personality.
Children cut (under 12) $15.00
Treat your little one to a delightful Children Cut, complete with a gentle Blow Dry for a cute and styled finish. Our patient stylists ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.
Bang or Beard Trim $5.00
Special Occasion Style $35.00 +
For those special moments, indulge in our Special Occasion Style service. Our stylists will create a stunning hairstyle that complements your outfit and makes you feel extraordinary.

* Please note that all prices listed on our salon price card are starting prices only.

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